Driver's License (Commercial & Non-Commercial) Any Iraqi national or resident reached the legal age is eligible for obtaining a driving licence. The licence is valid for 5 years and must be renewed after its expiry.
Local Company Registration This service is to register Local companies in the Kurdistan Region to regulate trade, investment and enhance economic development.
Foreign Company Branch Registration This service is to register the branches of a foreign company or commercial institutions in the Kurdistan Region for the purposes of increasing foreign investment and economic…
KRG Visa Application for Foreign Nationals It is the application of visas for foreign nationals who would like to visit the Kurdistan Region, where they should submit an advance request through the relevant KRG…
Medical Device Import License This service is to provide licence (permission letter) to import medical devices and other medical equipments to Kurdistan Region from outside Iraq.
Temporary Driving License for Foreign Nationals Any foreign nationals visiting Kurdistan Region of Iraq is eligible for obtaining a Temporary Driving License. This license is valid for one year only.
Private Business Bureau Registration It is a process of registering Private Business Bureaus in the Kurdistan Region for the purpose of job creation and economic development.
Clean Water Supply Subscription To access clean water supplies, following installing buildings water pipes and connecting it to the clean water distribution networks, the requestors can submit application to…
Tourism License for Travel (Companies, Offices, Agencies) This service is to provide work licence to all the commercial bodies working in the tourism industry in the Kurdistan Regional, before engaging in the tourism business.
Pharmaceutical Products Sales License for the Companies and Manufacturers This service is to provide Pharmaceutical Products Sales Licence to the companies and manufacturers that are licensed by the KRG's Ministry of Health.