Local Company Registration

This service is to register Local companies in the Kurdistan Region to regulate trade, investment and enhance economic development.
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ئەدرەسی وەزارەتی بازرگانی- بەڕێوەبەرایەتی گشتی تۆمارکردنی کۆمپانیاکان

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08:00 to 15:00 hrs
بەڕێوەبەرایەتی گشتی تۆمارکردنی کۆمپانیاکان
هەلێر ٦٠ مەتری نزیک ئەبوعەفیف.
The company must reserve the trade name at the Chamber of Commerce.
The company’s capital should be no less than one million (1000,000) Iraqi Dinars.
The company must have an office location and official address.
خاوەنی کۆمپانیا لە ڕووی یاساییەوە مافی هەبێت (متمتعا بالاهلية القانونية) و فەرمانبەری کەرتی گشتی نەبێت.
پێویستە بەڕێوەبەری ڕێپێدراو سەردانی بانکی حکومی دیاریکراو بکات بۆ دروستکردنی ژمارەی کەسی بێهاوتا.
Establishment Contract of the company
If the requestor is an Iraqi national, National ID and Residence Card of the founder and the chief executive officer is required.
Foreign Management applicant must provide Passport and Residency.

If the requestor is a foreign national, Residency Card and Passport is required.
Document verifying that the Company's capital is deposited at one of the banks.
Power of Attorney if the registration is requested through a second party.
Certified lawyer employment contract (approved by the Kurdistan Syndicate of Lawyers)
Certified accountant employment contract (approved by the Kurdistan Syndicate of Accountants)

(3) to (10) days
For Company Registration the below fees are applicable:
- For each one million (1,000,000) Iraqi Dinar of capital, four thousand and five hundred (4,500) Iraqi Dinar will be charged as
- Five thousand (5,000) Iraqi Dinars for company registration.
- Twenty five thousand (25,000) Iraqi Dinars for publishing.
- Fifty thousand (50,000) Iraqi Dinars for issuing company certificate.
- Fifty thousand (50,000) for auditing the required documents.

For assigning the companies Chief Executive Officer the following fees are applicable:
- Fifty thousand (50,000) for auditing the required documents.
- Twenty five thousand (25,000) Iraqi Dinars for publishing.
- Twenty five thousand (25,000) Iraqi Dinars for assigning authorized manager.
- Twenty five thousand (25,000) Iraqi Dinars for approving the required contracts and documents.
Create an account at the official website of the General Directorate of Company Registration (https://www.crkrg.org/en).
Visit the General Director to submit application for assigning Chief Executive Officer and submitting company board of director's meeting minutes.
Visit the document registrar office to obtain a serial number for an outgoing correspondence.
Application Form
پێویستە فۆرمی داواکاری هاوپێچ بکرێت، ئەگەر هەبێت.
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پێویستە خزمەتە پەیوەندیدارەکان دەستنیشان بکرێن، ئەگەر هەبن.
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