Clean Water Supply Subscription

To access clean water supplies, following installing buildings water pipes and connecting it to the clean water distribution networks, the requestors can submit application to obtain subscribe to the clean water networks for their houses, public places and business from the Directorates of Water and Sewerage in the Kurdistan Region.
Responsible Entity Information

Directorate of Water and Sewage of the Kurdistan Region.

Office Hours
8:30 to 15:00 hrs
General Directorate of Water, Erbil.
Rasti Street, near Furqan Mosque
Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
Applying Land Registry
Municipality approval.
If the request is done through a legal representative, power of attorney (PoA) is required.
The request must have installed water supply management pump.
The requestor must have a proof of property ownership.
The requestor must have the relevant municipality approval.
Land or Building Permit
House construction permit
Personal Identity Card or National Identity of the owner.
Residence card.
Power of Attorney if the application is done by the third party.
(20) minutes to (2 )days
8,500 IQ for residential units.
13,000 IQ for Commerical units.

The application process starts from the Revenue unit/Directorate of Water and Sewerage in the relevant governorate, district or sub-district.

The property inspection team, of the Directorate, will visit the property to ensure the accuracy of the application.
The requestor must visit the accounting unit to pay the relevant fees.
The requestor must visit the Water Measurement Units to assign appropriate units.

The requestor must return to the revenue office to complete the paperwork.
Application Form
پێویستە فۆرمی داواکاری هاوپێچ بکرێت، ئەگەر هەبێت.
Signed by
پێویستە ئەم خزمەتە لەلایەن بەڕێزان وەزیر/سەرۆکی دەستە و بەڕێوبەری گشتی دیوان و لیژنەی خزمەت واژوو بکرێت.
Service ID
MOMT - 07
Last updated19-06-2023


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