The purpose of this service is receiving complaints from citizens directly or through the existing complaint box regarding the services that are offered throughout the entities reporting to the Ministry of Health. This extends to the health services offered by the public and private sectors.
A document issued to a foreigner resident in the Kurdistan Region to return him to his country, whose passport is not represented or consular in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, if his passport is expired or lost or deformed for any reason or for a newborn child, He doesn't have a passport.
Any foreigner who officially visits the Kurdistan Region through the border points or international airports is initially issued a visa for a period of thirty (30) days Officially have the right to stay in the Kurdistan Region
But If the foreigner wishes to stay in the Kurdistan Region for longer than this period, he/she must apply for a visa extension in order to be officially entitled to stay in the Kurdistan Region.
A stamp on the passport or official document of foreigners who have officially arrived in the Kurdistan Region in order to leave the Kurdistan Region, but whose entry visa or residence card has expired or who wish to have their residence card cancelled ,or they are refugees, or foreigners who will be issued an exit passport