Property Registration for Foreign Nationals This service is to register a property sales contract to a foreign national buyer (foreigner) in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations.
Land Boundary Categorization Boundaries of every property, land, must be statuary recognized and categorized.
Authentications / Attestations of Documents Issued out of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq by the KRG's Ministry of Justice Documents issued in a foreign country which will be used in the Kurdistan Region, such as powers of attorney, university certificates, birth, death and marriages records, must be…
Authentication of Translated Documents بریتییە لە پەسەندکردنی وەرگێڕانی ئەو بەڵگەنامە و دۆکیۆمێنتانەی کە لە لایەنێکی فەرمی دەرچوون.