Property Registration for Foreign Nationals

This service is to register a property sales contract to a foreign national buyer (foreigner) in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations.
Responsible Entity
Responsible Entity Information

Visitor's address to the Ministry of Justice - General Directorate of Property Registration and relevant Directorates

Office Hours
8:30 to 15:00 hrs
Erbil General Directorate of Property Registration
Opposite to Shanadar Park, Erbil,
Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
Erbil General Directorate of Property Registration -2
100 meter road near Akar Gas Staion.
Erbil Plains Property Registration
Erbil Mayorship Building.
Shaqlawa Property Registration
Sargrd, old Mayorship office.
Khabat Property Registration
Near Khabat Mayorship Office.
Ainkawa Property Registration
Ainkawa Public Service Compound
Soran Property Registration
Next of Soran Security Office
Makhmour Property Registration
Next to Makhmour Court
Koya Property Registration
Opposit to Koya Mayorship Office
Taq Taq Property Registration
Next to Taq Taq Youth Center
Salahdeen Property Registration
Rawanduz Property Registration
Inside Rawanduz Mayorship Office
Choman Property Registration
Suleimany Property Registration - 1
Near the new court
Suleimany Property Registration - 2
Next to Harem Private Hospital

Bazian Property Registration
Darbandikhan Property Registration
Sharazur Property Registration
Near Zmnako Private Hospital
Dukan Property Registration
Inside Dukan Mayorship Office
Sharbazer Property Registration
Arbat Property Registration
Chamchamal Property Registration
Rapareen Property Registration
Pshdar Property Registration
Chwarqurna Property Registration
Hajiawa Property Registration
Garmian Property Registration
Kifri Property Registration
Halabja Property Registration

Said Sadiq Property Registration
Penjween Property Registration
Duhok Property Registration
100 meter road, opposite to Sateen School.
Amedy Property Registration
Akre Property Registration
Bardarash Property Registration
Shekhan Property Registration
Zakho Property Registration
Semel Property Registration
This service can be requested through a legal representative or authorized person with a power of attorney.
The buyer should not be an Iraqi citizenship holder.
He should not have any administrative or military barriers in the Kurdistan Region.
The distance of the property from any Kurdistan Region's neighbouring countries must be at least 30 kilometres.
The plot of land must not agricultural.
There must be a principle of reciprocity with the country of the foreign national.
Foreign national is only eligible to purchase one property for residence and one property as an office.
The approval of the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Municipalities, Department of Foreign Relations, Governorate that the property located and Military party are required.
The service requestor should obtain clearances from (Income Tax Directorate, Real Estate Tax Directorate, General Directorate of Water and Sewage, Electricity Directorate and Municipality Presidency).
Buyer's Passport.
Buyer's Residency Card.
Buyer's Nationality Certificate from the country of origin.
Property Registration Document.
A Personal Photograph.
Following obtaining the approval of those parties specified in the article No. (154) of Property Registration Law for property ownership, the minimum time is 5 working days and the maximum time is 10 working days.
• 2 % of the assessed price of the property. In accordance with the item (A) of article (48) of the Judicial Commission Law No. (114) of 1981 amendment.
• 1% seal commission in accordance to item (3) of Seal Commission Law No. (3) of 1993 amendment.
• (12,000) Twelve Thousand dinars for inspection team and property value Assessment according to Property Value Assessment and its Benefits Law No. (85) of 1987 amendment.

• (7500) Seven Thousand Five Hundred dinars financial commission. According to item (8) of article (54) of Judicial Commission Law No. (114) of 1981 amendment.

• (750) Seven Hundred and Fifty dinars form.

• 750) Seven Hundred and Fifty dinars registration copy item (2) of article (54) of Judicial Law No. (114) of 1981 amended.

• (500) Five Hundred dinars seal commission according to Seal Commission Law No. (3) of 1993 amended and instruction No. (20061) on 9/12/2013.
Following obtaining the approval of the relevant parties, mentioned in the conditions on the application form no. 26 signed by those parties, the requestor visits the directorate to make the request.
Obtaining application form number 10 for registration transactions.
Visit manager’s office, to sign and stamp the registration form no. 10.
Visit deputy manager's office, for his approval and delegating the request to the other offices/rooms.
Visit archive room to access the property dossier.
Visit the registration room, to find permanent records and audit.
Visit blocked properties room, to make sure there is no sign of blockage on the property.
Visit the treasury room, to pay the fees.
Visit the inspection room for verifying the property boundaries.
Visit deputy manager's office, to specify commissions relevant to the registration and fees.
Visit the treasury room, to pay the relevant commissions and fees.
Visit the registration and assistance office to register the property according to its boundaries and statements.
Send the transaction with relevant attachments to the audit board for auditing purposes.
After the approved of the auditing board, the requestor obtains a copy of the property registration certificate.
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