Passport Application/ Issuance and Renewal This service is to apply for issuance or renewal of the Iraqi Passport for the Iraqi citizens.
Driver's License (Commercial & Non-Commercial) Any Iraqi national or resident reached the legal age is eligible for obtaining a driving licence. The licence is valid for 5 years and must be renewed after its expiry.
Renewal of Driver's License (Commercial & Non-Commercial) This service is to support the citizens/residents to renew their expired drivers licences in order to drive legally.
Granting Visa Code The purpose of this service is granting the public and private entities the access to submit visa applications for their foreign national staff or visitors.
Temporary Driving License for Foreign Nationals Any foreign nationals visiting Kurdistan Region of Iraq is eligible for obtaining a Temporary Driving License. This license is valid for one year only.
Providing Support Letter for related associations; Directorate of Nationality, Residency, Rational of Food, and Returnees Service etc. It is a service to support Returnees who were in abroad for approving their status required by government agencies.