Pharmaceutical Products Sales License for the Companies and Manufacturers

This service is to provide Pharmaceutical Products Sales Licence to the companies and manufacturers that are licensed by the KRG's Ministry of Health.
Responsible Entity Information

ناونیشانی سەردانی هاوڵاتی بۆ بەڕێوەبەرایەتی کۆنترۆلی جۆریی دەرمان

Office Hours
(٨:٠٠)ی بەیانی بۆ (٢:٣٠)ی دوا نیوەڕۆ.
بەڕێوەبەرایەتی کۆنترۆلی جۆریی دەرمان / هەولێر
شەقامی (١٠٠)م تەنیشت نەخۆشخانەی ڕاپەڕین
The results of the assessment certificate must be exact to its specifications.
The requestor must hold the Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product (CPP) from one of the producing countries.
Pharmaceutical products trading licence.
(3) to (14) working days
Reference to administrative decree no. (4527) issued on 25/5/2014 the cost is:

Four hundred and fifty thousands (450,000) Iraqi dinars for the followings:
- Tablet
- Capsule
- Oral solution and suspensions
- Topical solutions and suspensions
- Ear solution and suspensions
- Rectal and vaginal suppositories

Five hundred thousands (500,000) Iraqi dinars for the followings:
- Inhalation and aerosol
- Cream
- Gel
- Ointment
- Ophthalmic solutions and suspensions

Six hundred thousands (600,000) Iraqi dinars for the followings:
- Injections

Two hundred thousands (200,000) Iraqi dinars for the followings:
- Medical appliances

The requestor visits:
The requestor clicks on:, to attach the required documents.
The requestor visits accounting to pay the relevant fees.
The requestor visits the printing office to submit the receipt of the payment and printing the Sales Permission Letter (Sales licence).
The requestor visits the relations office to collect the Sales Permission Letter (Sales licence).

Application Form
پێویستە فۆرمی داواکاری هاوپێچ بکرێت، ئەگەر هەبێت.
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