KRG Visa Application for Foreign Nationals

It is the application of visas for foreign nationals who would like to visit the Kurdistan Region, where they should submit an advance request through the relevant KRG Representation Office.
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پێوستە ناونیشانی سەردانی هاوڵاتی پڕ بکرێتەوە.
Fill out the pre-arrival visa application form.
Applicant's passport, valid for more than 6 months at the time of the application.
Full name, address, phone number, and e-mail of the visa requestor.
The visa is valid for (30) days only.
Addresses that the visa requestor intends to stay in the Kurdistan Region and the name of the person whom he/she stays with.
The requestor must pay visa fees through the electronic visa application website.
The visa holder must leave the Kurdistan Region on or before the expiry date of the granted visa or take legal action to obtain a residency card according to the 'Residency Card Issuance' guidelines. For residency card, visit:
Please notice that if the visa application was rejected, the applicant can resubmit the request after 24 hours with explaining the reasons for the visit and the rejection of visa has to be unrelated to the travel ban.
Passport valid for at least six months.
Additional personal identification with photo.
Residency card, if applicable.
Addresses that the visa applicant intends to stay in the Kurdistan Region and the name of the person whom he/she stays with.
Two personal photographs.
Filling out the visa application form. It can be obtained from the Representation Offices.
Depends on the Representation Office receiving the application, the paper work will be completed within (60) minutes; however, obtaining approval from the KRG's visa Directorate in Kurdistan will take (2) to (3) days.
Various across the Representation Offices receiving the application:
For example, UK Representation fees are ten (10) pounds, and US representation fees are ten (10) US Dollars.
The requestor visits the Representation Office to fill out the visa forms and submit the required documents.
The application form and documents will be sent to the Visa Department of the Kurdistan Region via e-mail by the
Representation Office, and it will be answered within 2 to 3 business days.
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