Revocation of Power of Attorney (PoA) for Kurdish Diaspora

This service is for the Kurdistan Region citizens who are currently living outside the Kurdistan Region and have given general or limited power of attorney to someone and would like to revoke it.
Responsible Entity
Responsible Entity Information

KRG's Department of Foreign Affairs

Visitor's Address
60 meter road, next to Sami Abdulrahman Park,
Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq
Office Hours
Kurdistan Regional Government Representation
In person attendance of the person who granted the power of attorney (PoA).
Presenting an Identity Card such as Iraqi Civil Status Card, Iraqi Nationality Certificate, Passport or Residency Card.
A copy of the Power of Attorney intended to be revoked.
Taking the original PoA Revocation Form to the Department of Foreign Relations for authentication purposes.
Notifying the attorney-in-fact of the issuance date of the revocation letter of PoA. Therefore, address, phone number and e-mail address of the discharged attorney is required for this service.
Iraqi National ID or (Renewed Iraqi Civil Status Card with Iraqi Nationality Certificate) - Original Copies
For foreign nationals or legal representatives, valid Residency Card or Passport.
A copy of the Power of Attorney intended to be revoked.
Complete contact information of the attorney-in-fact (phone number, mailing address and email address).
(1) day
Free of charge
The requestor must visit the nearest KRG's Representations abroad.
The requestor must visit the office of the government representative in order to obtain this service.
External Services
پێویستە خزمەتە پەیوەندیدارەکان دەستنیشان بکرێن، ئەگەر هەبن.
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پێویستە ئەم خزمەتە لەلایەن بەڕێزان وەزیر/سەرۆکی دەستە و بەڕێوبەری گشتی دیوان و لیژنەی خزمەت واژوو بکرێت.
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DFR - 12
Last updated25-03-2024


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