Authentication of the Registration Documents for the Private Companies and Non-Governmental Organizations

This service is required for the purpose of registering Private Companies and International NGOs at the relevant KRG departments in order to be able to legally operate in the region.
Responsible Entity
Responsible Entity Information

KRG's Department of Foreign Affairs

Visitor's Address
60 meter road, next to Sami Abdulrahman Park,
Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq
Office Hours
Kurdistan Regional Government Representation
The headquarters of the company or the organization should be in the country of origin and have done commercial and organizational activities within the framework of the applicable laws.
Presence of either the president, the director or a legally authorized representative, holding PoA, of the company or the organization.
Obtaining registration certificate from the country of origin.
Authorization letter, if the service is requested through legal representative.
Presenting the annual financial report of the previous year.
Registration Certificate that is authenticated by the Foreign Ministry of the country of origin.
Office lease agreement.
Document proving that the company has contracted a legal representative and an accountant.
All documents must be translated into Kurdish, Arabic or English.
Submitting two copies of all these required documents.
NGO or Company Profile.
Company Establishment Contract.
Registration Certificate.
Board of Directorates Meeting Minutes (resolution).
ID of the Manager.
PoA of the legal representative.
Previous year's Annual Financial Report.
IDs and signature samples of the partners and shareholders.

Office Lease Agreement.
No objection letter from the headquarters to support the opening of the branch of the company or organization in the Kurdistan Region and claiming the liability towards the branch in Kurdistan.
Certificate from Chamber of Commerce.
Appointment of the head of the branch in the Kurdistan Region and registering her/him at the relevant departments in the country of origin.
Providing full information and details of the entity's commercial activities and projects.
(15) days
Applicable fees vary based on different representation offices:

KRG Representation in the United States of America - 160 Dollar for each document.
KRG Representation in the United Kingdom - 100 Pound for each document.
KRG Representation in the Republic of France -
KRG Representation in the Republic of Italy - 5 dollars for each document.
KRG Representation in Belgium- 160 euro for each document.
KRG Representation in the Swiss Confederation -
KRG Representation in Commonwealth of Australia -
KRG Representation in the Republic of Austria -
KRG Representation in the Republic of Poland -
KRG Representation in the Kingdom of Sweden -
KRG Representation in the Islamic Republic of Iran -
KRG Representation, Russian Federation -
KRG Representation in the Kingdom of Spain - 160 dollar for each document.
The requestor must visit the office of the consular services and Kurdish diaspora at the relevant KRG Representation office to request the service.
Then the request will be transferred to the KRG's representative for approval.
Application Form
پێویستە فۆرمی داواکاری هاوپێچ بکرێت، ئەگەر هەبێت.
External Services
پێویستە خزمەتە پەیوەندیدارەکان دەستنیشان بکرێن، ئەگەر هەبن.
Signed by
پێویستە ئەم خزمەتە لەلایەن بەڕێزان وەزیر/سەرۆکی دەستە و بەڕێوبەری گشتی دیوان و لیژنەی خزمەت واژوو بکرێت.
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DFR - 05
Last updated25-03-2024


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