NGOs Annual Financial Statement and Activity Report Submissions to KRG's Department of NGOs

This service is to meet the post-registration requirement by all NGOs operating in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Reference to the NGO law no. (1) Article (14) item (3) of the year 2011, all NGOs must submit their annual financial statement to the KRG's Department of NGOs, to be audited by the Supreme Audit Bureau in the Region. Law No. (1) of 2011, articles 12, 13, 14 and 21.
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ناونیشانی سەردانی هاوڵاتی بۆ فەرمانگەی ڕێکخراوە ناحکومییەکان

Office Hours
8:30 to 14:30 hrs
Department of Non-Governmental Organizations
Kirkuk road, Erbil, opposite to the Ministry of Higher Education
0750 811 0808
Reference to the NGO law no. (1) of 2011, the NGO must be registered with the KRG's Department of NGOs.
The NGO must have completed the post-registration legal requirements and hold the administrative decree.
The NGO must have a clearance letter from the General Directorate of Income Tax and Public Properties.
Up-to-date bank statement.
Request letter for the financial statement submission.
A copy of the NGO's registration certificate.
A copy of the NGO's administrative decree.
A copy of the NGOs code of regulations.
(1) week to (2) months, depending on the size of the report.
Free of charge.
The first step is to visit the reception of the DNGO in Erbil to verify the followings:
- The report must be submitted by either by the head of the NGO, the Finance Manager or the NGOs registered accountant holding authorization letter from the NGO.
- Fill out the annual financial report form.
- Ensuring the NGO representative has the latest financial statement in hard copy and in a PDF format on a portable disk or external drive.
- If all these conditions met, then the representative can start the process at the Department.

The one window system, in the Department of NGOs, consists of two staff members from the administration and finance team. Each will verify the completeness of the report and its attachment and sign. Then the NGO representative will be notified by phone when the process is complete or other information required.
When the audit completed and the report approved, a copy will be returned to the NGO, a copy for the Department's archive and the third copy will be shared with the General Directorate of Company Taxations.
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