This service is to systemize the registration of companies at the Directorate of KMCA.
Responsible Entity
Ministry of Health / Directorate of Pharmaceutical Products Quality Control
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ناونیشانی سەردانی هاوڵاتی بۆ بەڕێوەبەرایەتی کۆنترۆلی جۆریی دەرمان

Office Hours
(٨:٠٠)ی بەیانی بۆ (٢:٣٠)ی دوا نیوەڕۆ.
بەڕێوەبەرایەتی کۆنترۆلی جۆریی دەرمان / هەولێر
شەقامی (١٠٠)م تەنیشت نەخۆشخانەی ڕاپەڕین
If the request is made by the company representative, the requestor must hold a formal ID proofing his/her employment status with the company.
Ministerial decree of the company registration by the Ministry of Health.
Iraqi National ID or (Iraqi Civil Status Card with Iraqi Nationality Certificate)
30 to 60 minutes.
In reference to the agreement between the Ministry of Health and the Registering Company on 26/01/2018 the amount of three hundred and seventy-five (375.00) US dollars will be charged as a cost of systematization.
The requestor visits the Directorate of KMCA.
The requestor visits the public relations department for opening an account.
After receiving verification email, the requestor will create a username and password to access the system.
The requestor visits the public relations department for referral to the (Soft Max) office.
The requestor visits the Soft Max office to pay the fees for account creation.
The requestor visits the public relations department for activating the account.
Application Form
پێویستە فۆرمی داواکاری هاوپێچ بکرێت، ئەگەر هەبێت.
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پێویستە خزمەتە پەیوەندیدارەکان دەستنیشان بکرێن، ئەگەر هەبن.
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