It is a service to transfer the subscriber's name who installed the drinking water subscription while selling/buying the house from Erbil Directorates of Water and Sewerage.
Responsible Entity
Ministry of Municipalities and Tourism / General Directorates of Water and Sewage / Directorate of Water in Cities and other regional suburbs
Visitor's Address

Directorate of Water and Sewage of the Kurdistan Region.

Office Hours
8:30 to 15:00 hrs
General Directorate of Water, Erbil.
Rasti Street, near Furqan Mosque
Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
Applying Land Registry
The water subscription has already been installed.
لە لایەن بریکارەوە دەتوانرێت داوا بکرێت، بە مەرجێک بریکارنامەی یاسایی هەبێت.
دەبێت ته‌وافه‌ی له‌ تانكی به‌ستبێت.
پێویستە تاپۆى خانووى هەبێت.
ڕەزامەندی شارەوانی.
Property or Building Registry
Previous Water Subscription Receipt
Personal Identity or National Identity.
Power of Attorney if the second party does the paperwork.
20 minutes - 2 days
The legal fee is only 1.500 IQ
The application process starts from Revenue unit/ Erbil Directorate of Water and Sewerage. The cash receipt is paid at Accounting unit and the process ends at Revenue unit.
Application Form
پێویستە فۆرمی داواکاری هاوپێچ بکرێت، ئەگەر هەبێت.
Signed by
پێویستە ئەم خزمەتە لەلایەن بەڕێزان وەزیر/سەرۆکی دەستە و بەڕێوبەری گشتی دیوان و لیژنەی خزمەت واژوو بکرێت.
Service ID
Last updated19-06-2023

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